Mid Year Appeal Donations

Thank you so much for your generous donations towards our mid year appeal. It will help as we try to extend our services to more people in the Parkinson’s community.

Someone once said that whatever we possess becomes of double value when we share it with others. Looking around us at the difference your financial support has made to our organisation, we know that to be true. Much appreciation again for your donations in recent months.


Entertainment Book for Parkinson's WA

Parkinson’s WA is raising funds to support nearly 20,000 people living with or affected by Parkinson’s in this state. 20% of every Entertainment membership sold contributes to the Parkinson's Nurse Specialist Service. Help us achieve our goal by sharing this link with your friends and family. Thanks for your support!

Please click on following link to order:

Exercise is Key!

It’s a well known fact that for those afflicted with Parkinson’s, exercise is crucial in order to maintain your best quality of life. While medication for Parkinson’s patients’ plays a major role in managing symptoms, exercise is the key to maintaining muscle strength, flexibility and balance.

As Parkinson’s progresses, it becomes easier to exercise less, but this is precisely the opposite of what your body requires. Muscles and joints can become stiff and weak and through movement and exercise, these symptoms can be improved.


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