Pipeline for Parkinson's

Peter Shinnick and his team successfully completed the epic ultra marathon from Kalgoorlie to Mundaring in 9 days, from 2 – 10 October. Covering 600 kilometers on foot, Peter and his team raised over $10,000 for Parkinson's WA.

Inspired by his father who was diagnosed with Parkinson's a few years ago, Peter aimed to raise awareness and create conversations about Parkinson's within the community. Talking about his tough journey (which resulted in a fractured foot and several blisters,) Peter acknowledges the daily obstacles met by those with Parkinson's. 

"As challenging as it has been, it pales when compared against the challenges that people with Parkinson's face every minute of their day."

Despite sustaining some injuries, the team have discovered and learnt things about themselves. They definitely didn’t think that they could achieve their goal. “We learnt from the experience that if you surround yourself with the right people, and if you really want to achieve something, no matter how momentous it may be, you can achieve anything. Personally there is no way a few years ago that we would have thought that we could ever run from Kalgoorlie to Mundaring.”

Parkinson’s WA is very appreciative of the team’s determination and generosity in completing this arduous journey and commitment in raising funds to support the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Services in WA. Thank you.

Fundraising is still open for this cause so if you would like to contribute to the efforts of the Pipeline for Parkinson's cause, please  DONATE HERE

The Parkinson's Challenge

A Walk in The Park 2020 was cancelled to safeguard the health of the Parkinson's community. It was a difficult decision as this is our biggest fundraising event annually which provides almost $60,000 towards our services. We know that this is disappointing for many of you so we would love for you to proceed to organise your Walk with your family and friends in the spirit of the event.

The work of our Parkinson's Nurse Specialists Service continues. As such, we need to fundraise in a different way. Would you consider donating your registration fee for the event instead?

To donate or take The Parkinson's Challenge, please Click Here

Survey Participants Required

Sleep issues for People with Young Onset Parkinson's (Under 65)

On behalf of the Parkinson’s community, Parkinson’s Australia is seeking feedback for the development of an App. The idea is that the App could assist people with Young Onset Parkinson’s to improve their journey with Parkinson’s.  

One of the issues identified during consultations for this Young Onset Parkinson’s Exchange (YOP-X) Project, is around sleep and fatigue.

The idea is that the App could assist with Young Onset Parkinson’s to improve their sleep and maximise energy.

While studies have shown that sleep issues are one of the most frequent non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s, greater understanding is needed around how sleep issues present in younger people with Parkinson’s.

The questions accessed via the following link are there to act as a prompt, with a space for any additional contributions. The short survey is also completely anonymous.

Please click here to participate: TAKE SURVEY HERE

Your contribution to Parkinson’s research is greatly appreciated.

Exercise is Key!

It’s a well known fact that for those afflicted with Parkinson’s, exercise is crucial in order to maintain your best quality of life. While medication for Parkinson’s patients’ plays a major role in managing symptoms, exercise is the key to maintaining muscle strength, flexibility and balance.

As Parkinson’s progresses, it becomes easier to exercise less, but this is precisely the opposite of what your body requires. Muscles and joints can become stiff and weak and through movement and exercise, these symptoms can be improved.


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