Changes to the Constitution

This year Parkinson's WA made changes to the existing constitution to ensure that we met the new regulations of the Association's Incorporation Act 2015.

The changes to the Parkinson's WA Constitution are intended to comply with the requirements of the new Act.

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20th Anniversary of our Parkinson's Nurse Specialists

2018 is a special year for Parkinson's WA as it marks 20 years since the Parkinson's Nurse Specialist (PNS) service began.

The official anniversary is on November 23rd 2018.

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Health Care Professionals

In addition to our own nursing service, Parkinson’s WA provides education, resources and support for health professionals working in the Parkinson's community. We produce several resources specifically for Health Professionals including manuals for nurses, GPs and physiotherapists plus a variety of free brochures.

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Bunbury Singing

Singing for anyone with a neurological condition has been launched in Bunbury.

A tuneful voice is NOT a requirement- all we ask is an enjoyment of music, an interest in singing, and a desire to come together with others in song.

Jacqueline (Jackie) Ross, who is local to Bunbury, will be taking the class and she will incorporate singing for pleasure together with some activities to strengthen the voice.

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