Northern Territory

Parkinson’s Northern Territory

Support Groups

There are Support Group networks in the Northern Territory to assist people diagnosed with Parkinson’s and their partners/carers.

The Parkinson Northern Territory support group meets on the 3rd Friday of the month from 10am until 12 noon. Meetings are held every month.

Meeting Venue: Regis Tiwi Gardens, 11 Creswell Street, TIWI  NT  0810
Contact Phone: Jean: (08) 8983-2474 or email

There is also an online Support Group network where people can link in and also find out about periodical events which can be found on Facebook 
Contact Genevieve on email

Parkinson’s WA assists Parkinson’s North Territory in its role supporting Parkinson’s patients and their partners/carers in the Northern Territory. Visits are made to the Northern Territory supported by Parkinson’s Australia (see below).

What is Parkinson’s?
This area of the website provides a wealth of information and advice regarding both medication and daily living assistance. A range of information sheets cover a wealth of topics that can answer many of your questions.

A range of products to assist those with Parkinson’s are available from Parkinson’s WA and these may be ordered directly from Parkinson’s WA and will be sent directly to you. Visit our merchandise page

Driving advice
The Northern Territory Motor Vehicles Act requires that all drivers notify the Registrar of Motor Vehicles if they have any medical condition (including disability, mental illness and eyesight) that may affect their ability to safely and legally drive motor vehicles.

This mandatory reporting requirement also applies to health professionals, who must report any affected patients. If you have any doubt, it is suggested that you call the Motor Vehicle Registry Info line 1300 654 628 (for the cost of a local call) or consult your health professional for advice.

A medical condition does not necessarily mean that you cannot be licensed. In reality, very few conditions prevent the issuing of a driver license.

The driver can visit the Licensing Office in person, send an email to or call 1300 654 628 for further information. There is a penalty for not reporting the necessary information to the Licensing Office.
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Nurse Specialists
Currently Nurse Specialists are limited to Western Australia.

2018 Visit

2018 marks the fourth visit by a West Australian Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist to Darwin,  supported by Parkinson’s Australia.   As in previous years the focus was client visits and education for Health Professionals.  The dates for the 2018 visit were dictated by an invitation to speak at the Australian Association of Gerontology Conference on Friday May 18th.

Educational sessions were arranged with a range of Health Professionals, which has proven to be the most efficient way to arrange remote visits. These included:

  • Royal Darwin Hospital – Medical ward – Parkinson’s Medications
  • Australian Regional & Remote Community Services – An Overview of Parkinson’s
  • Terrace Gardens Aged Care Facility – An Overview of Parkinson’s
  • Regis Aged Care Facility – How Parkinson’s affects all aspects of Life
  • Darwin Support Group – Q&A
  • Pearl Aged Care Facility – An Overview of Parkinson’s
  • Australian Association of Gerontology – Non Motor Aspects of Parkinson’s

This was in addition to 14 client visits.  This annual visit to Darwin was very appreciated by the Parkinson’s community and the Health Professionals in the area.