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Xmas Appeal 2022

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“I have a life-changing condition, not life-ending and I am grateful for this.” Jen 

Jen is newly diagnosed and is new to the Parkinson’s community. “ My Parkinson's diagnosis was confronting, but I have since come to realize that although it is challenging, it is not the end of the world. We are all thrown challenges in our lifetime, but I truly believe that we can all meet these head-on if we have the right support.’’

Jen was a major fundraiser at the recent A Walk in The Park. “Parkinson’s WA delivers the Parkinson’s Nurse Service (PNS) which is close to my heart, it is an incredible organisation that provides support to the Parkinson’s community. What a relief it is to know that there is an organisation that can offer information and guidance, an incredible Nursing Specialist Service, seminars and workshops, counselling and more. I am helping to raise the money needed to maintain these services, the value of which cannot be fully expressed here.”

By donating to Parkinson's WA, we are giving people living with Parkinson’s the opportunity to gain access to the PNS service, support groups and other lifestyle support services.

Parkinson's WA is grateful for the support of the Western Australian community who donates generously every year. Thank you, and have a good festive celebration. We wish you the best for 2023.