Fundraising Stories

close up of a family team at the HBF run for a reason

The following is the story of Noel Crompton, as he shares what it was like for him to discover his diagnosis of Parkinson’s, and how he has been coping.

“At the age of 77 I had not considered the prospects of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s. My wife had brought to my attention my restriction of movement in my left hand and a noticeable flopping of my left foot when walking. I chose to ignore these signs as I had no tremors. It wasn’t until a physiotherapist visit that it was suggested that I consult my local doctor regarding the possibility of early development of Parkinson’s symptoms. After subsequent visits to a neurologist and home visits from Parkinson’s nurses, plus prescribed low dose medication has all allowed me to cope very well.

I have always been a fairly active person, I still enjoy doing my 4km walk course, light gym workouts and regular lawn bowling. I believe my commitment to regular exercise helps physically and mentally to keep control of my Parkinson’s. I also receive strong support from my wife, Patricia, as well as my family and friends, which is all very helpful. The Parkinson’s WA team support is extremely beneficial, they want to help and do a great job.

I recently took part in the HBF Run for a Reason along with 13 family members. We walked the 4km under the team name ‘4 Gens & for Parkinson’s WA’. In the team we had four generations, ranging in age from 2 to 79 years, I am able to claim bragging rights for being the eldest! We had a great time and were able to fundraise. We are looking forward to A Walk in the Park in September, to fundraise again for Parkinson’s WA. I am proud to be associated with this great organisation. If you, a relative or friends needs help, contact them now! They will set you on the right path.”


Parkinson’s WA Morley Support Group and the Knit and Natter Wednesday Craft Ladies:

In October two fundraising events managed to raise a combined amount of over $10,000 for Parkinson’s WA!

One event was the Knit and Natter Wednesday Craft Ladies who chose the Parkinson’s WA Morley Support Group as their chosen charity to fundraise for this year. A quilt was being raffled, in which tickets were sold by both The Morley Group and the Knit and Natter Craft Ladies. On the day, the Craft Ladies supplied a wonderful venue with a delicious spread of morning tea, a fete stall and a beautiful sunny day.

The Morley Group raised $2,422 and The Knit and Natter Group raised $3,348.25.

Which is a grand total of $5,770.25 raised for Parkinson’s WA!

Shirley, one of our Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists, joined the fundraiser and also drew the raffle. Thank you to the Morley Support Group, to everyone who attended the event and to those involved in raising such a significant amount.

close up of the quilt that is being raffled for Parkinson's WA

Another fundraising event which was held in the last weekend of October, was the annual High Tea and Fashion Show to fundraise for Parkinson’s WA.

At this event where over 130 people attended, there was a high tea, entertainment, a fashion show by, ‘A Little Unique Fashion Boutique’ and a flower show from, ‘The Ann Cottril Geranium Society.’ Donations for the raffle were kindly donated from the shops in Garden City. Jo, one of our Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists joined the fundraising event, along with Jo, our Parkinsong Teacher who sung throughout the day and Jodie, from our Support Programs was in attendance as well.

Overall, the fundraiser raised over $5,000 for Parkinson’s WA.

A very big Thank You to Mary Easterbrook for organising this wonderful event at her home in Applecross.

close up of two ladies selling clothes to raise funds for Parkinson's WA