Parkinson’s WA has a range of merchandise for sale

The items available to purchase from Parkinson’s WA are useful for people living with Parkinson’s.

Items can be posted to your chosen address or collected from the Niche in Nedlands Monday to Friday between 9am to 4pm. To place an order you can download the order forms and fax, post or email them to us (details below).
Postage on some items can be combined, please ask.

ItemDescription Price Postage
I’ll Hold
Your Hand
So You
Won’t Fall
Foreword by Muhammad Ali “I know many grandparents and parents are frequently at a loss in trying to explain to children the effects Parkinson’s has on a loved one. Hopefully, this book will serve as a guide to explain in simple terms a very complicated condition”.$5$6
Still Laughing looks at the way your life changes as symptoms become more problematic. A light hearted read.$30$9
Our Bobbleheaded NannaA light-hearted look at Parkinson’s through the eyes of grandchildren, this book offers a humorous and positive approach to discussing Parkinson’s with children.$10$4
CD’s and DVD’s
An Exercise guide for people living with Parkinson’s$15$6
Guided Mindfulness Meditation – 4 CD’sJon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., is a meditation teacher, writer and scientist. These 4 CD’s will take you through a guided mindfulness meditation$30$6
Other Merchandise


White cap with Parkinson’s WA logo, one size fits all, 100% cotton, velcro fasting

Mealtime Clothing Protectors


Double sided, easy fastening. Patterns and colours will vary
due to products being handmade 66 cm Long x 41 cm Wide


Pill Timers (shown below)
Super 8 Pill Timer and Box 

Compact and durable, the timer can be set with up to eight alarms, with eight compartments for medication. It has a large screen displaying the time in a 24-hour format, and two alarm volumes. When the alarm goes off, it continues to ring until the device is opened, as well as featuring a flashing red light on the front.


Daily 8 Alarm Tabtimer 

This alarm/timer is a superb device for those who don’t need a pillbox but who want a helpful reminder to take their medication. You can set up to 8 alarms, it has a large screen displaying the time in 12-hour or 24-hour format, its small enough to fit into any pocket or purse and with 3 handy attachments so that you can Stick it- Stand it- or Hang it. The alarm will beep for 1 minute but the red light will continue to flash until any button is pressed.



Satin Sheets

These fully fitted sheets are:

  • designed in three panels with the centre panel in satin and the two end panels (the head and foot) in cotton/polyester
  • this combination of satin and cotton/polyester allows greater ease of movement in the middle section of the bed, whilst the top and bottom portions (in cotton/polyester) allow for grip while turning
  • fully elasticised to help maintain its position on the mattress
  • machine washable
  • recommended by Parkinson’s Western Australia.


91 x 190 x 35cm


King Single


107 x 203 x 35cm




137 x 190 x 35cm




152 x 203 x 35cm




183 x 203 x 35cm


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To place an order you can download our order forms.

Download the order form for the books, DVD’s, CD’s, Caps and Clothing Protectors HERE

Download the order form for the Pill Timers and Satin Sheets HERE

You can send these forms to:

Our office: The Niche, 11 Aberdare Rd, Nedlands, WA 6009
Fax: (08) 6457 7374

Alternatively call the office on: (08) 6457 7373

We are currently in the process of developing a shop for ease of purchase in the future.