20 Years of our Nurses

2018 is a very special year for Parkinson’s WA as it marks 20 years since the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist (PNS) Service began. The official anniversary is on November 23rd and in the lead up we will be posting pictures and stories from throughout the past 20 years as a chronological history of how the service has developed to what it is today. The Nurse Specialist Service provides education and support for people and their families living with Parkinson’s. A nursing assessment focused on Parkinson’s provides the basis for ongoing care and is carried out on the first visit. This assessment often addresses any questions you may have regarding the condition and its treatment. The Nurse Specialist may suggest referral to additional health professionals as required. The Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Service is unique to Western Australia and we have a team of 9 dedicated community based nurses (2 of which are dedicated to the South West) who visit people in their homes throughout Western Australia to assist with the management of their Parkinson’s. They also up-skill Allied Health Professionals across the state.

We hope you enjoy the photos we have collected over the past 20 years. We are very proud of this service that we can provide the Western Australia Parkinson’s community.

close up of janet the first parkinsons wa nurse specialist 20 years ago

Janet McLeod 1998

This is Janet McLeod working at our old office on Rokeby Road when the Parkinson's Nurse Specialist role first commenced, November 23 1998 was when the role officially begun. Soon after this photo was taken we had to relocate to a new office as this space was becoming overcrowded when we welcomed our second Parkinson's Nurse Specialist.


close up of parkinson's nurse specialist 20 years of service

1998 PNS first year

This photo was taken in 1998, the first year of the Parkinson's Nurse Specialist Service at our old office on Rokeby Road in Subiaco. Here you can see (from left to right) Jodie Noonan, Parkinson's WA receptionist, Janet McLeod, Parkinson's WA's first Parkinson's Nurse Specialist and a visitor from Japan who had a keen interest in Parkinson's.


close up of janet parkinosns wa nurse specialist service

Fifth Multi Parkinson's Conference 1999

This photo was taken at the Fifth Multi Parkinson's Conference held in Sydney in August of 1999 - less than one year into the role of the Parkinson's Nurse Specialist Service. Janet McLeod gave a poster presentation of the community based Parkinson's WA PNS trial project. This presentation gave some statistics and case histories of the impact of the role.


21 years of Parkinson's WA

This photo was taken in July of 1999 during the celebration of 21 years since the conception of Parkinson's WA. Janet and Nerolie, Parkinson's WA Nurse Specialists, presented an overview of the 21 year history and can be seen here with Dame Mary Baker from the United Kingdom. Dame Mary Baker pioneered the role of the Parkinson's Nurse Specialist globally.


close up of janet mcleod and kathrynne holden at the fifth multi parkinson's conference held in sydney in 1999

Janet McLeod and Kathrynne Holden 1999

This photo was taken in 1999 at the Fifth Multi Parkinson's Conference which was held in Sydney- less than one year into the role of the Parkinson's Nurse Specialist (PNS) Service. Pictured is Janet McLeod with Kathrynne Holden who is a dietitian and the author of the first "Eat Well, Stay Well" book. Kathrynne is still very involved in the area of nutrition and Parkinson's.


Joy and Bob Graham 1999

This photo was also taken at the Fifth Multi Parkinson's Conference held in Sydney, 1999. Janet, Parkinson's WA Nurse Specialist, is pictured here with Joy and Bob Graham who were Board Members at the time and were very active in lobbying government for a Parkinson's Nurse Specialist Service.


1999 Curtin University Short Course

Janet McLeod, Parkinson's WA Nurse Specialist is posing for photos with Kevin and Carol Burke in 1999 for various brochures and presentations that were used by Parkinson's WA. This included advertising Curtin University's short course on Parkinson's. The first group of Curtin University students taking part in the short course are also pictured.


close up of janet and nerolie when the parkinsons nurse specialist service began 20 years ago

Janet and Nerolie 2000

Pictured is Janet McLeod and Nerolie Lyle standing outside of our old office on Rokeby Road to mark Nerolie's appointment as the second Parkinson's Nurse Specialist in 2000. It was at this point that the metropolitan area was divided into North and South of the river due to the demand for the service. These ladies are Parkinson's WA longest standing Nurse's who are still part of the team today!


close up of parkinsons wa nurse specialists in 2001 at a conference

6th Multi Disciplinary Conference 2001

Janet McLeod and Nerolie Lyle attended the 6th Multi Disciplinary Conference on Parkinson's in 2001 which was held in Melbourne. Janet and Nerolie were Parkinson's WA first two Parkinson's Nurse Specialists, and they are still working as PNS today!


close up of two parkinsons wa nurse specialists in 2003 launching a nurse manual for parkinsons disease

Guideline for Nursing Practice in Caring for People with Parkinson's 2003

In 2003, Janet McLeod and Nerolie Lyle launched the Nurses Manual - A Guideline for Nursing Practice in Caring for People with Parkinson's. There was an evening of celebrations to launch this guideline.


close up of parkinsons wa nurse specialists

World Parkinson's Day 2004

These are the Parkinson's WA office staff with two Parkinson's WA Nurse Specialists in 2004 celebrating World Parkinson's Day by wearing pink.

From Left to Right: Brenda Matthews, Jo Chadwick, Robyn, Kristie and Janet McLeod.


close up of pns nurse in 2005

close up of parkinsons members and parkinsosn nurse specialists celebrating pinkie day in 2005

Pinkie Day 2005

These photos were taken at The Niche in 2005 of Bus Group 53 and Parkinson's WA office staff celebrating 'Pinkie Day' with an Art Display.


Physio Workshop 2006

In 2006, Janet McLeod and Jo Chadwick (Parkinson's WA Nurse Specialists) ran a workshop for physios in Perth. They were joined by Professor Meg Morris from Melbourne (pictured middle).


2006 Seminar

This is Janet McLeod giving a talk on sleep problems in Parkinson's in 2006. Look at that difference! Our Seminars at The Niche have advanced tremendously since this photo was taken.


close up of parkinsons wa nurse specialists with west coast eagles

West Coast Eagles Partnership 2007

2007 saw Parkinson's WA partner with the West Coast Eagles through United Way Sports Charity.

This photo is celebrating Jo and Janet's Community Nurses of the Year Awards!