Our Services

Parkinson’s Western Australia offers the following services to its members and the community:

Parkinson’s WA has an extensive library of DVDs, books and pamphlets for use by members, health professionals, students and lay groups.
If you would like to use our library, please call into the Parkinson’s WA office between the hours of 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Parkinson’s WA also have a huge range of free resources such as brochures and information sheets. A bi-monthly newsletter is available to members.

Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists
Our Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists cover the Perth metropolitan area and the South West, making home visits and assisting patients to manage the condition. Find out more about Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists.

A regular varied program of seminars on topics of interest to people with Parkinson’s and their carers, family members and friends. Find out about our upcoming seminars.

Support Groups
22 informal support groups including a young onset group, are active in the metropolitan area and rural regions. Meetings are attended by people with Parkinson’s, family members and carers to share information and enjoy social support and friendship. Find out more about our Support Groups.

Support Programs
Singing, Dancing, Yoga and Tai Chi classes run throughout the Perth metro area in the Norrthern and Southern suburbs with some classes taking place in Mandurah and Bunbury.  These programs are for people with Parkinson’s and their Partners/Carers.  These well attended support programs are social and fun, plus they provide holistic and tangible support with symptoms.   Find out more about our Support Programs.

The organisation funds projects that aim to improve the current state of knowledge about the condition. This research is likely to lead to an increased range of treatment options. Find out more about Parkinson’s research.