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Living with Parkinson's

Parkinson’s is life-altering rather than life-threatening

With information, support, appropriate medication and management strategies a productive and enjoyable life is achievable.

Newly Diagnosed

For many the time before receiving the diagnosis was a confusing period of vague symptoms which were not previously connected or the symptoms may have been so typical that a self-diagnosis had been established. Being newly diagnosed also raises many questions and queries about the future.

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Living Young With Parkinson's

A common misconception about Parkinson’s is that it affects only older people. Although the average age of onset is 60 years of age, 5-10% of all cases are diagnosed before the age of 40. This is commonly referred to as Young (or Early) Onset Parkinson’s. (Parkinson’s Australia, 2017).

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Advice for Daily Living

Walking, especially outdoors, is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise. Walking helps you maintain your mobility and independence and it keeps you fit and feeling good. Read more about advice for daily living. 

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