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Support Groups

Learning to live with Parkinson’s is not easy. 

Arising from the main symptoms of tremor, muscle rigidity and slowness of movement are many problems of daily living. Often small problems become frustrating ones, such as difficulty doing up small buttons, combing one’s hair or turning over in bed.

People with Parkinson’s may be able to do some things well at times and be completely incapable of the same task at other times.

Because learning to live with Parkinson’s is challenging, many people gain much needed support from being in contact with others who understand. For many, a Support Group reduces the feeling of isolation and creates an opportunity for frank discussion of symptoms, problems and reactions to medication.

A Support Group can also offer information in the form of Guest Speakers and can connect you with local services to help you cope better. By sharing ideas and information with others, many people are able to find new ways of coping. Most people who attend feel that the emotional support they both give and receive is of great benefit.

Parkinson’s WA Support Groups

Most of our Support Groups meet once each month.
Please phone the office on (08) 6457 7373 or email info@parkinsonswa.org.au for details of a Support Group near you.

To find out more about your local Parkinson’s WA support group fill in the form below.