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Carer’s Corner

Good day all,

Welcome to our new segment for partners and/or carers.

One of the first lessons I learnt when I started here in Parkinson’s WA and at the same time doing my Masters was not to presume that everyone who is married to a person who is diagnosed with Parkinson’s refers to themselves as a carer. Primarily you are still a wife, husband or partner and only you will make the transition into calling yourself a carer when and if you are ready (if ever).

Having said that, we need to call this corner of our website something and we did not want to get too politically tied up in correctness. This is for you and we would like you to participate in the development of this corner.

Carers flyers spread across a table

Some Things To Consider

Take a deep breath and go out to the garden to your favourite chair.

Make one spot in the house or garden your Do Not Disturb Spot- this can work for both of you.

If possible go for a short walk by yourself or with a friend- keeping your distance.

Talk to your adult children by phone- sometimes we try to protect them too much. Everyone is confined to their bubble at present but remember they came from your bubble and they would rather know exactly how you are feeling.

Take care and keep in touch with us via Facebook or any way you can.


Janet – on behalf of the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Team

Living with Parkinson’s

Close family members often take on the role of caregiver as the condition progresses, sometimes changing the dynamic of relationships. You are not alone. Parkinson’s WA aims to focus on the partner/carer as much as the person with Parkinson’s – it is a journey you take together. We have developed a comprehensive Carers booklet to help on your journey.

Download Carers Booklet

Support Groups

We also have Support Groups specifically for carers in the Southern and Northern Metro suburbs as well as regional areas, for more details visit our Support Group page.

Support Groups Page