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Nurse Specialists

The Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists team covers the Metropolitan area and the South West, making home visits and assisting patients with management of the condition.

This innovative service, the first of its kind in Australia, is funded by the Department of Health WA and charitable trusts with no charge to clients. This community based nursing service, established in 1998, has been so successful that Parkinson’s WA has on many occasions presented this model as world’s best practice at conferences and workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Washington (USA), Vienna (Austria), Durban (South Africa) and Glasgow (Scotland).

Members have access to professional advice through a Professional Advisory Panel. A Counsellor and Respite Coordinator are available through affiliation with the Neurological Council of Western Australia.

Pictured: Our current team of Parkinson's Nurse Specialists for 2023

Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Service 

This brochure above provides more information on the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Service.

To arrange a visit from a Nurse Specialist please call (08) 6457 7371.

Read about some facts about 25 years of the Parkinson's Nurse Specialist service, 40 years of Parkinson's WA and its history in WA:
  • Australia-wide, there are approximately 150,000 people living with Parkinson’s - in WA, it is estimated to be around 10,000. 
  • Parkinson’s WA have 3,000 ‘active’ clients on their books. Many more are living with Parkinson’s until they require our assistance. Parkinson’s WA's relationship with individuals living with Parkinson’s can be up to 30 years.
  • We deliver a very specialised nursing service with many years of solid experience between the 8 Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists (PNS). The PNS’s work closely with referring GPs and Neurologists.
  • We have a Metropolitan and Regional WA reach with a significant presence in the South West country regions to meet the increasing demand.
  • The specialised service sits within a multidisciplinary model of care that refers to other providers – including, but not limited to physiotherapy, OT, and care support workers for assistance with daily living.
  • The PNS’s work within a capacity-building model – not only with the person living with Parkinson’s, but also to ensure other providers of care within WA (nursing homes, GP practices, public sector out-patient Parkinson’s clinics, University schools of Nursing and Medicine).
  • Parkinson’s WA has a strong research focus – collaborating with universities and institutes Australia-wide and internationally, to support and funds key areas that will make a difference to the lives of those living with Parkinson’s.

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At Parkinson's WA, our community is everything. It shapes the way we act and encourages us to strive to achieve the best for our people and each other. Below is Raymond's Story.

A film by Richard Seale

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Read about the testimonials from the Parkinson’s WA Nurse Specialist Service directly from the community.

A lady looks concerned and works alongside another woman.
“This is an extremely valuable service which allows me to access help promptly with less need to visit the doctor unless necessary. Thank goodness for these nurses.”  

– Rob and Jenni

A nurse administers a patient's stats.
“As a carer, I found the Parkinson's Nurse Specialist service particularly supportive when Tony was recently hospitalised and I needed their assistance.” 

– Ruth

A lady looks over her shoulder and smiles.
“The Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Service is an essential service that needs to be continued. They provide good emotional support, updated knowledge in a holistic sense.” 

- Emma

Two ladies smile and work together outside at a table.
"The Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Service is an excellent service. I was advised on the pros and cons of the various therapies. They were positive and reassuring to talk to and is always supportive and caring.” 

- John

Two ladies smile and examine a brain model.
“We receive a wider range of information and news updates and developments from our Nurse than from any other health service. This helps considerably in making choices for the on-going management of Parkinson’s. It is very reassuring.”

- Stewart

Pictured: Nurse Rachel works with a client during a consultation. 

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Monthly donations are vital as they help us to plan for the future. Because they are low cost to process, we can ensure that maximum funds are directed to providing essential services to people living with Parkinson’s in Western Australia, such as the PNS service.

Contact the Parkinson’s WA office on (08) 6457 7373 or info@parkinsonswa.org.au for more information, or find out more about how the service supports the community here.