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Leave a Gift in Will

Be the support for future generations of West Australians with Parkinson’s. 

Make an impact on the lives of people you will never met.  

Right now, hundreds of people are receiving our support because of the generosity of individuals just like you. 

Since 1984 Parkinson’s WA has provided much needed support to more than 20,000 people living with or affected by Parkinson’s in Western Australia. Parkinson’s WA is unwavering in its commitment to providing relevant and quality services to maintain the well-being, dignity and quality of life for those diagnosed or impacted by the condition.

Leaving a legacy to Parkinson’s WA will ensure your memory will live on and give hope to people who diagnosed with Parkinson's, today, tomorrow, for however long they need us.

How can I leave a lasting legacy to Parkinson’s WA?

By leaving a gift to Parkinson’s WA in your Will, you will be playing a vital role in supporting future generations of West Australians facing a Parkinson’s diagnosis. 

How will my gift help?

We can support West Australians living with Parkinsons through the Parkinson's Nurse Specialist service (PNS), Support Groups, Seminars, NDIS information, Community and Social activity affiliations, and an extensive hard copy and online resource library.  This is all available for those living with the condition as well as their families and carers.

We understand that writing your will is a private matter, and we treat all enquiries with respect and confidentiality, for a confidential chat or to organise a meeting in your home  or for further information, please complete the form below or contact Kerrin Girando on (08) 6457 3745 or email kerrin@parkinsonswa.org.au  

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Write your will for free  

Parkinson’s WA is proud to partner with Gathered Here to offer you the opportunity to write your Will for free, including making free, unlimited updates to your Will for life. It’s so easy to include a bequest gift for Parkinson’s WA in your Will at the same time.

We invite you to read some testimonies from people who have included Parkinson’s WA in their Will.

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How can I get a Gift in Will pack?

You can request further information a Gift in Will pack using the online form below.  Our Fundraising Manager will send you more information about how to leave a gift to Parkinson’s WA in your will.

Kerrin Girando

T: (08) 6457 3745
E: kerrin@parkinsonswa.org.au  

We recommend that you seek the advice of a solicitor or Public Trustee when making your Will.   The information on this website or contained in our information pack is not intended to replace or substitute the advice of a qualified solicitor.

Is there a minimum amount required for my Legacy Gift?

Absolutely not - every donation, no matter its amount, makes a difference.

No amount is too small, and we are incredibly grateful to anyone who chooses to leave a Legacy Gift to Parkinson’s WA.

What kind of gift can I make?
  • A percentage of my estate
    The best form of bequest for most people is allocating a proportion of their estate to Parkinson’s WA. This allows you to decide the share of your estate that you believe is right. You don’t need to know exactly how much your estate will be worth as the gift will grow along with the growth of your estate.
  • A residual gift
    You can bequest the balance – or residue – of your estate to Parkinson’s WA after your family and friends have been looked after. This kind of gift automatically adjusts to the growth in the value of your estate.
  • A pecuniary gift for a specific amount of money
    Leaving a specific amount of money is a simple way of leaving a gift in your Will because you know exactly how much Parkinson’s WA will receive, regardless of any change in the value of your estate.
  • Property, possessions, shares or insurance
    You can leave a specific gift of property such as an insurance policy, shares, art works, land, jewellery or any other item of value.
  • Making a gift of land
    Parkinson’s WA welcomes gifts of real estate. If you are intending to leave us a gift of this nature, we encourage you to please contact us, so we can explore with you whether we will be able to retain or sell your land in the event it is given to us.
What wording do I need to add to my will?

I ……………………. leave to Parkinson’s Western Australia Incorporated of 11 Aberdare Road Nedlands WA 6009 – ABN: 88 404 764 099 (proportion of residue to be completed). My bequest is to be used for the general purposes of Parkinson’s WA. I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other duly authorised officer shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors.

Where should I start?

Call us on 6457 7373 and have a chat.  We will walk you through any questions you have.

Seek the advice of a qualified solicitor or trustee when making your Will as the correct wording for leaving a gift is very important. Your solicitor will provide you with more details about different types of gifts and what that may mean for your family.  If you need to find a solicitor, simply contact your local Law Institute or Association in your State or Territory as they can refer you to a solicitor in your area.

Let us know, we would love to know so we can say Thank you, we can then learn how gifts just like yours are making an impact today for clients.  By telling us of your intentions you will be helping us to plan for the future. Any information you provide will be treated with the utmost discretion.

Our Commitment to you

Philanthropy is based on voluntary action for common good. If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will through Parkinson’s WA, make the following commitments:

  • We will always respect your privacy and any information about your donation will be handled with respect and with confidentiality.
  • We recognise and appreciate that your Will is personal to you. Some donors choose not to tell us about gifts in their Will before their death. However, if you do tell us, (and we would sincerely appreciate knowing) we will respect your wishes in terms of how we contact and talk to you in the future.
  • We will handle whatever gift you leave us with care, sensitivity, and respect.

Have you left Parkinson’s WA a gift in your Will?

Please complete the confidential form to let us know so we can thank you.