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Gift In Will Testimonies

Getting to Know the Person Leaving the Legacy

Jean Arkley

“Parkinson’s WA have helped me maintain a good quality of life, so I would like my gift to help others in the same way,” says Jean Arkley, who recently declared her intention to leave a legacy gift to Parkinson’s WA.

“Parkinson’s WA has done great work, I want it to continue to grow and offer a lifeline to people diagnosed with Parkinson’s,” says Jean.

Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s five years ago, Jean has continued to lead a ‘full’ life. She speaks highly of the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist who visits her regularly.

“They have so much knowledge, so much guidance to offer. They are so perceptive and always have time for me,” says Jean.

Jean’s gift will contribute to the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist’s team in the community.

Jan Knight

“My partner, Pete, and I have decided to leave a Gift in our Will to Parkinson’s WA. This is our way of acknowledging the tremendous support we have had from the association over the past 12 years.

Our Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists offer practical advice on how to manage day by day. The association provides excellent seminars, newsletters and monthly support group meetings. Staff and volunteers are so positive; they encourage us to live as fully as we can.

We can’t get all these benefits from our twice-a-year visits to our neurologist who is taken up with the progression of the condition and reviewing the medications.

I used to think that I should leave as much as possible to my children. However, they are doing well. They are comfortable with good jobs and pleasant homes, and don’t need a large inheritance. I like to picture them using their small gifts to celebrate my life.

I want to use my will to repay some of the goodness I have received. It’s my chance to make a difference.”

John McDonald

“As a Board member, I have seen first hand the valuable role Parkinson’s WA plays in supporting people with Parkinson’s, their carers and families.

My own family has benefited directly from this caring, dedicated support. For several years my wife, Anne, and I have talked about leaving a Gift in Will to Parkinson’s WA and recently, after discussing the idea with our family, we rewrote our wills to ensure this happens.

Join us and do likewise. You will make an enormous difference to people living with Parkinson’s in WA.”