Parkinson’s WA Awareness Rock

On March 8 2018 we were gifted a beautifully hand painted rock. We were all very excited and began to plan what and where we could take the Rock to raise awareness for Parkinson’s throughout Western Australia and maybe even beyond. Since then the Rock has been on countless adventures, venturing North and South of Perth. We have been documenting the Rock’s journey on our Social Media pages every Sunday evening if you want to follow the Rock’s adventures there.

We would love for everyone to get involved too, so why not paint your own rock to raise awareness for Parkinson’s. If you do, please send us photos to

Find out more about the phenomenon that is WA Rocks and join the Facebook group here.

In some of the pictures the rock is hard to find, can you spot it?

close up of quotes from parkinsons wa followers on the facebook page and their comments on the rocks journey spreading awareness for parkinsons disease in western australia

a close up of a map of western australia with marked destinations of where the parkinsons wa awareness rock has been in western australia


Destinations List so far…

  • The Niche, Nedlands
  • Brookton
  • Corrigin
  • Hopetoun
  • Ravensthorpe
  • Kalbarri
  • Jurien Bay
  • Northampton
  • Geraldton