How to Host a Fundraiser

  1. Come up with your great idea – from haircuts to garage sales, you can find your inspiration from any number of sources. Choose an activity that suits your skills, interests, timeframe and ability to succeed.
  2. Register – email with your great fundraising idea and we will send you our Fundraising Toolkit.
  3. Get the go-ahead – once your activity has been approved by Parkinson’s WA, you’ll receive everything you need from us to get started. This will include confirmation that your fundraiser has been registered with us.
  4. You can choose to set up an online event page by following a few simple steps.
  5. Make it happen – spread the word, hold your fundraiser, have fun and enjoy the rewards.
  6. Bank the money – this is the time to celebrate your success and our gratitude.

When you hold a fundraising event for Parkinson’s WA, you and your activities increase the public’s awareness of our various services, promote community involvement and raise vital funds for our organisation. Over the years, our many supporters have baked, auctioned, golfed, and organised parties, events and gatherings to help Parkinson’s WA.

Whatever your interest, whatever your idea, your dedication and support make all the difference and is truly appreciated. However, only those third party events which meet specific criteria and benefit the organisation will be considered for approval. Each event will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If you are interested in hosting your own event to help support Parkinson’s WA, we can help. Our Fundraising Toolkit provides useful information for organising a successful fundraising event and clearly explains our guidelines for approval. Please download the Parkinson’s WA Fundraising Toolkit and complete and return the application form to

Remember you are required to seek our authority before commencing any fundraising activities on our behalf.

close up of the registration tent at a walk in the park 2018