Tai Chi-Postponed Due to COVID-19

Support Program for all Neurological Conditions

Following advice from the Department of Health, Parkinson’s WA has decided to take precautionary health and safety measures and put our Support Programs on hold for the foreseeable future. Therefore, our Tai Chi program will be cancelled as from Monday 23 March. We hope to resume this program  as soon as possible but the safety of our Parkinson’s community must remain a priority. Thank-you for your understanding.

The Tai Chi support program is for all people with a neurological condition including people with Parkinson’s and their partners/carers.

The practice of Tai Chi originates from China, using rhythmic, slow and smooth body movements to relax the body and mind. While Tai Chi began as a martial art, today it is used throughout the world as a gentle form of exercise with far-reaching health benefits.

Three teachers are involved in the Parkinson’s WA Tai Chi class. Gawain Siu is from Perth based Ging Mo Academy and has achieved medals in Australian and World Tai Chi Championships.  Tony Salmon (who was once one of Gawain’s students and is now a Senior Instructor himself) and Jhung who is Gawain’s son who is also a Senior Instructor, all lead the class. The class is tailored to accommodate participants from beginner level to advanced, and everyone in-between. No prior Tai Chi experience is necessary and everyone works within their own limits. You are very welcome to use a chair for support for all or part of the class if you wish.  The group always hold a morning tea afterwards and to many this is as fulfilling as the class itself.

Watch the video to find out more.

Tai Chi has many health benefits including improving:

  • balance
  • mobility
  • posture
  • confidence
  • fall risk
  • concentration
  • coordination
  • relaxation
  • flexibility

The Tai Chi class takes place weekly in Leederville – Mondays, 10.30am to 12 noon – Loftus Community Centre, 99 Loftus Street, Leederville. (Including Morning Tea).
Cost: $10 per person, per class.

Many publications have reported the health benefits of Tai Chi for People with Parkinson’s and also for other neurological conditions including Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

To find out more about the Parkinson’s WA Parkinsong support program fill in the form below or call (08) 6457 7373 or email: info@parkinsonswa.org.au

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