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Health related websites are abundant, giving consumers easy access to an array of information. For some, the amount of content may be overwhelming, and deciphering what is reliable and valid can be difficult. Here are some tops to help you navigate the internet:

  • check the URL (web address)
  • what is the source? the most valid and reliable sources are usually operated by universities, not for profit organisations, and government bodies
  • personal websites and chat rooms are good forums to share experiences, however Parkinson’s affects everyone differently, so do not take medical advice from these sources. Consult your specialist or Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist if you have questions
  • check the date the information was posted or last updated. Is it current? Information from the past five years is usually classed as current
  • look for about us and contact links to assess the credentials and level of expertise
  • remember to never use your surname or share personal information such as birth-dates on message and chat forums

Below are some suggested websites containing helpful information on gaining an understanding of Parkinson’s and learning how to manage the condition.

Our own website is of particular interest to anyone residing in Western Australia who is interested in supporting people with Parkinson’s.
Information of interest includes:

  • aims of Parkinson WA and services available
  • information about Parkinson’s
  • membership forms
  • Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Service
  • Parkinson’s support group information
  • publications
  • seminar and event information
  • why we need you

Please click on the websites you would like to visit:

Vario Wellness Clinic (Edith Cowan University)

Michael J, Fox

Parkinson’s Australia

Parkinson’s New South Wales

Parkinson’s Queensland

Parkinson’s South Australia

Parkinson’s Victoria

Parkinson’s Western Australia

Parkinson’s UK

Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation Support

Young People with Parkinson’s

The following websites may be helpful for family members and/or carers of people with Parkinson’s:

Aged Care Australia

Carers WA

Care Search – National Palliative Care Program

Kids Health – Information for children on Parkinson’s

Indigo (formerly The Independent Living Centre)

The Neurological Council of WA

Young Carers

Carers Gateway 

If you come across any websites regarding Parkinson’s that you believe would be useful to others, please let the office know. We appreciate feedback from our members.