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Support for Parkinson’s - With a side of drumming

In February, we held a Support Group Leader’s Workshop which gave us a chance to check in with the Leaders, exchange ideas, support one another and plan for the future.
Pictured: Parkinson's WA Support Group Leaders Workshop following their drumming session.

We heard from our Clinical Nurse Manager, Janet McLeod on new treatment developments for Parkinson’s including ‘Light Therapy & Focused Ultrasound’, and we were delighted to have the talented and passionate Martin Phillips from Rhythm Fix who ran an exciting drumming workshop that everyone got involved in and found their inner rhythm including our new CEO!

This was one of the first opportunities for the Leaders to meet our incoming CEO, Adjunct Professor Yasmin Naglazas and to share their personal experiences with her, signifying the importance of being heard and having a voice that had a place to use it, but more importantly, a platform to be listened to and valued.

Pictured: Martin from Rhythm Fix assists Clinical Nurse Manager Janet McLeod, OAM with the drums.

Yasmin said it was encouraging to see such a well-facilitated, organised session with appropriate content and some wonderful discussions that will assist us in our longer-range planning.

Kingsley Support Group Leader Bev said it was a very well attended function which she enjoyed immensely.

 “So much was garnered from talking with others and just sounding out and comparing some of the processes we go through for our individual Support Groups,” she said.

Pictured: Office Manager Toby plays drums along with the community.

You can find out more about what Parkinson’s WA has been up to, through the news page here.

Parkinson’s WA Board President John McDonald stopped by to meet with the community, which gave them an opportunity to discuss matters with him personally.

Thank you to everyone who attended, had the courage to share your story and struggles with us and to allow us to celebrate you and all your contributions to the Parkinson’s community.

Words and photos by Jacqui O'Leary

04 May 2023
Category: News