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Elizabeth Curtis’ year of fundraising

Elizabeth Curtis’ year of fundraising

2022 was the year of fundraising for our incredible supporter Elizabeth Curtis. Winner of the Parkinson’s WA ‘Geoff Pride Fundraiser of The Year Award’, Elizabeth has spent the year raising funds and awareness for our Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist program. Read on to find out more.

An older lady and a man smile as they stand in a park. They both wear hats and glasses.Pictured: Liz and Rob at A Walk in the Park 2022

Elizabeth Curtis has devoted the entire year of 2022 to fundraising for Parkinson’s WA. Her calendar was filled with an amazing list of fundraising activities, and together with the unwavering support of her bike club, she raised approximately $7,500. Elizabeth said she is inspired by her friends who live with Parkinson’s and it was a cause that had become very close to her heart.

“I have friends with Parkinson’s and I like to fundraise, which is why I chose Parkinson’s WA last year and then I rechose it this year too,” she said.

As part of the outreach Elizabeth does, she instils the vital message of the importance of the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Service. 

“It’s having that communication between people with Parkinson’s, their carers/partners and reinforcing the connection in the community, that they are not alone and there are people and organisations to support them,” she explained.

A man stands at a BBQ at a fundraiser holding tongs and smiling.Pictured: Rob stands at a BBQ holding tongs at one of Elizabeth's fundraising events (supplied)

Elizabeth said there were many people who didn't know about Parkinson's WA, so she was keen to do her bit to provide that information and connect people with resources through her fundraising events.

"There are a number of people who don’t reach out to the organisation because they don’t know about the service but they should be reaching out so they can benefit and increase the support they have access to."

Elizabeth recently lost her dear friend Daniel who lived with Atypical Parkinsonism. 

“I will not stop doing what I can to honour his memory and help to improve the quality of life for those currently living with Parkinson’s,” she said.

Today and every day we thank Elizabeth for her tireless efforts, kindness and generosity and for selflessly supporting the work of Parkinson’s WA and our community. 

Thank you, Elizabeth. We have been honoured to support you as you have supported us this past year in 2022. We can’t wait to work with you in 2023! For more information about the cause or to make a direct donation, visit her page.


Words and pictures by Jacqui O'Leary

07 February 2023
Category: News